With more than  thirty years of experience in the natural beauty and hygiene sector,  is a family company located in Mollet del Vallés a small town close to  Barcelona. Disna has a very prominent European and South American presence  and has been expanding its Asian markets dramatically.

Disna is a  creative firm using its own technology both for manufacturing and  designing, paying special attention to the quality of its products  performance and presentation. In its domestic market Disna has  consistently been among the market leaders in sales, presence and break  through.


“To get back to nature is a general desire.  To rediscover the virtues of plants, already used by the ancient Egyptians  and Greeks, is a challenge. The use of natural raw materials, packaging that  can be recycled and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, is need. To avoid the use of animal derivatives and experiments that cause  unnecessary suffering is a duty. There are the aims that shape our company’s  philosophy, it is our responsibility to transmit it to our  products”.

Antonio Llinás Llobera - President

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Tel.: +34 93 570 62 92
Fax: +34 93 570 65 36

c/ del Ferro, 33.
Polígono Industrial Can Magarola.
Mollet del Vallés, Barcelona

Zip code:
Post office box: 131

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Ins. En el Registro  Mercantil, Hoja 54.135, Folio 113, Tomo 4.835, Sección 2ª, Sociedades – Nº  Ident. Fiscal A-08-6275